Relson Gracie on Allegations of Royce Gracie Using Steroids

Relson Gracie stopped in San Diego, California for a seminar on June 17, 2007 at Fabio Santos‘ academy. In this video, we sat down with Relson to discuss his thoughts on the California State Athletic Commission’s recent report that Relson’s brother Royce Gracie tested positive for steroids. The report, if accurate, is particularly unfortunate given that Gracie jiu-jitsu is based around the idea that it is technique, not strength which wins fights. This would be the first known example of a Gracie using performance enhancing drugs in competition.

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  1. i would just like to say that its a shame what has happened to mma. in the early days when the gracie family pioneered the sport in america, it seemed that men of much more natural physiques competed in the first few ufcs. there were exceptions even then like ken shamrock, mark coleman and mark kerr that were obvious steroid abusers, but it was not the standard. in modern mma it appears that steroids are a staple in training at a proffesional level. i beleive this happened when it became clear to dana white that fighters with more muscle would sell better than natural ones. its really a formula that has been proven to work in professional wresting. you got obvious steroid freaks, with fake tans and bikini waxes in staged physical combat, the new mma is not far from that. i just feel sorry for royce gracie having to use steroids to survive in a sport that he and his family brought to the U.S. and to all those wannabees with TAPOUT in the back window of your lifted trucks, your missing the point.

  2. When I’ve watched previous Octagon battles, the title / announcer would say: “This is as real as it gets!” Then two men, skilled in different styles would enter the ring and engage in a fight.

    I’d like to make a correction. “As real as it gets” in real life , is not always a “one on one” match. Sometimes it entails simultaneously having to fight two,three or more opponents. One would have to have enormous punching power, lightning quick delivery / reflexes, pinpoint accuracy, exact timing, superior cardiovascular endurance, have the ability to remain mentally calm under intense pressure, and be a master at distance in order to strike down multiple opponents.

    The Octagon, in my opinion, has not brought out the best strikers. If there are martial artists out there who have the kind of bare hand skills to knock out multiple opponents at the same time, within under twenty seconds, they are not showing it or are not coming to the ring.

    One case in point: Back in 1988, one black practitioner from a foreign land was harassed in a bar. He took on three bikers and two bouncers and left them horizontal, within under two minutes. The black fighter was left standing. If he wanted to, he could have broken all of their arms, perhaps worse. This fella is the real thing. He was not on steroids nor did he employ weapons , just his bare hands and feet. Who in UFC can ever make such a claim? What striker / grappler in UFC would be willing to take on multiple opponents in the ring and demonstrate that kind of fighting skill? I’d like to see that, because that scenario is “AS REAL AS IT GETS!”

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