Our BIG Announcement!

Have you ever wanted a place to track your MMA fight predictions? Strangely enough, I know of a site that may help you. MMAPredictions.com is a new website that’s built for the everyday MMA fan. We all like to predict fights, and we all like to show our buddies that we know MMA better than they do. There are some sites out there already with functionality that’ll do that for you and there’s nothing wrong with those sites, but not everyone is into betting or anything that makes them consider things like point systems, or imaginary online money. Honestly, I’m not that clever. For folks like me, there’s MMAPredictions.com.

Some of the cool features of the site:

  • Track your prediction accuracy over time. Graphs show you how well you’re doing
  • You receive fight results for free by text message! (Your carrier may charge you a few cents to receive the message though; be sure you check).
  • Google Maps is integrated so you can see where the worst (and best!) predictors of MMA come from geographically. Here’s an example.
  • No more need to pass around emails with your buddies before a fight. You can create groups and track who’s the best predictor, and even compare your group’s prediction accuracy with others’!
  • Did I mention prizes? Well, yes Charlene, there’ll be prizes for those who predict better than others!

As usual, there IS lots more to the site. If I kept writing, it’d keep you from heading over to the site and registering already! (Don’t let all those haters go register the screen name you’ve had forever! Get over there and snag it!)

p.s. MMAPredictions.com will have a weekly radio show in iTunes, so be sure you tune in to that too!

Full disclosure: I built MMAPredictions.com. Okay, so I didn’t build it with my own hands, but it’s my site.

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