First Female Guest to Appear on The FightWorks Podcast

We’re very excited to report that we’ve accomplished a goal we set for ourselves a long time ago here on The FightWorks Podcast – yep, we managed to bring a member of the opposite sex on to speak with Dan and I about Brazilian jiu-jitsu. You could say it’s taken us a while. We started realizing around Episode 25 of the show that there seemed to be a disproportionate number of male guests, somewhere in the ballpark of 100%. Right around that time I said to myself, we should make an effort to bring in a really popular female grappler that the listeners, affectionately known as “The 600,000”, would love to hear from.

Well, you know how slowly things move in really large organizations like the one we have behind The FightWorks Podcast. It’s the same routine as always. A great idea (“How about something new on the show, like… a woman!”) is presented at our Monday morning planning meeting for the week ahead and it never fails that one of our interns brings in our quadruple shot espressos right then, we get distracted and start talking about that new Spider-Man movie, and next thing you know the meeting’s up and it’s time to adjourn.

Even on good days when we manage to accomplish something and put ideas and plans together for an upcoming edition of the show, it then faces the bureaucratic challenges of making it through the rubber stamp of our powerful legal team in New York and our very fickle creative team in Los Angeles has to sign off on it too.

In any case you can tell that this coming Sunday’s episode is one we’ve been looking forward to for some time. I am not going to give away the secret of who our feature guest will be, but I will give a few clues. Sunday’s guest has…

  • a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • won her weight division at the ADCCs this year
  • won multiple world championships in BJJ
  • the last name Gracie

There, I won’t tell you any more or it’ll be too easy. Make sure you tune in for this coming Sunday’s show. And, if that wasn’t enough, Dan and I will also share our conversation with James Hergott, the writer of the MMA movie Never Submit, who’ll bring us up to speed on the legal drama that has unfolded behind the scenes of the film.

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