No Better Time to Reach Out to The FightWorks Podcast

Why? Because I have a new email addy that is stiff and uncomfortable. I need you guys’ help in breaking it in.

My older address,, appears to be on every spammer’s list in the world. It’s gotten so bad that legitimate mail from listeners of The FightWorks Podcast are getting placed into my spam folder in my mail client just by virtue of having been mailed to that email addy. (If you’ve sent me something and I never got back to you, I apologize. I did my best to make sure none were lost, but I could’ve missed some.) I know, I know – just by leaving my email address in text as I’ve done in this post is what made the problem so bad in the first place. At this point, I’m over it. Time to move on!

So, to keep a reliable line of communication between us I have set up a new email addy, as shown on the right hand side of this page, just below the links which allow you to subscribe to FightWorks Podcast news by email. (It’s embedded in an image to keep the spammers’ spiders from coming to the site here, finding it, and adding it to more lists). It also makes more sense to use this new address as it matches the web domain where we post our news and should be less easy to mix up.

As always, feel free to reach out using that addy to reach Dan or me. We’re always interested in hearing about:

  • Your opinion of how we’re doing
  • Ideas or suggestions for guests here on the show
  • If you’ve got a product or service that you would like to put in front of our audience, we can help
  • Want us to give a shout out to a friend who just was promoted to a new belt in BJJ? Tell us!

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