Quick Results from ADCC Day Two

ADCC 2007 Superfight

Roger Gracie beating Jon Olav Einemo

Roger Gracie beat Jon Olav Einemo by a score of 5-0. Roger walks away with the $40,000 prize and Einemo receives $10,000 for his efforts. As you can imagine, Roger had a lot of verbal support including the coaching of Renzo Gracie. In this photo below, you can see Roger’s father Mauricio Gomes in the white t-shirt in the foreground, Braulio Estima in the background, Igor Gracie (white t-shirt seated), and Rolls Gracie (black t-shirt and sideburns).

Support for Roger Gracie

Rani Yahya beating Leo Viera to win the under 65kg weight class.

Rani Yahya before submitting Leo Viera by RNC

Marcelo Garcia has his hand raised after beating Pablo Popovitch for the under 76kg division.

Marcelo Garcia beats Pablo Popovitch

Open Weight Class

  • Robert Drysdale beats Cacareco
  • Mario “Pe de Pano” Cruz beats Darren Andy 11-0
  • David Avellan goes to triple overtime to beat Xande Ribeiro
  • Rolls Gracie armbars Rick Macauley in under one minute
  • Tarsus Humphries beats Braulio Estima
  • Andre Galvao beats Baret Yoshida
  • Fabricio Werdum beats Mario Rinaldi
  • Marcelo Garcia catches Cacareco in a rear naked choke
  • Andre Galvao beats Fabricio Werdum
  • Robert Drysdale beats David Avellan
  • Robert Drysdale beats Andre Galvao
  • Andre Galvao beats Cacareco to come in third place in the male absolutes. Cacareco’s pinky finger broke during the action and was pointing in a direction perpendicular to his hand. The medics attended to him after the match ended.
  • Robert Drysdale beats Marcelo Garcia by a modified head arm triangle to win the men’s absolutes! Marcelo takes second!

In the women’s open division, Hanette Stack beats Rosangela Conceicaio. Along the way Kyra Gracie appeared to sustain a serious knee injury and was carried away from the mats on a stretcher.

I will be posting the podcast for this week in a few hours!

Excerpt from the audio interview with Saulo Ribeiro and Xande Ribeiro conducted today before the competition got started:

Dan: Okay guys, we are here for day two of the Abu Dhabis, we are standing here with the great Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, the famous Ribeiro brothers. This is The FightWorks Podcast, brought to you by OnTheMat.com. First Saulo, talk to us a little bit about yesterday, what your thoughts were, and what’s going on today.

Saulo Ribeiro: I think that the abu Dhabis are a unique tournament that you can not make mistakes, and if you make mistakes on a high level like this sometimes you pay for that, and that’s the price. Today all the effort is for Xande, who took his division, he took the open division… I think that is the man of the day.

Dan: Xande, what are your thoughts for today’s matches? What’s going through your head? Give us your thoughts looking [ahead] to the matches.

Xande Ribeiro: Yesterday was a good day. I could pass through my two fights, [I got] two submissions. I am pretty confident and pretty optimistic about today. I am feeling good, I am not sore. Today I expect a long day. It’s the semifinals today so if i run all the way to the open [division], it’s going to be six fights today. But, you know each fight I gotta face as a final because like Saulo said, one mistake can cost you the fight, so I am going to play smart, I am going to play my best jiu-jitsu. I am feeling good and I hope I can go through six fights and take all of them.

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