Quick Results from ADCC 2007 Day One

Wow, what a day. Probably the story of the day is Mike Fowler, who learned he was invited to the ADCCs only about four days ago when he was drunk in a bar in Guam, and who not only beat Renzo Gracie in a match where Renzo mostly sat in Fowler’s active guard, and then went on to beat Saulo Ribeiro by toe hold.

Crowd favorites today were easily distinguished. When announcer Bruce Buffer called out the names of Renzo Gracie and Marcelo Garcia when they were called for their respective matches, the crowd erupted. Otherwise the audience was more or less calm, with the exception of one fan. An unnamed spectator who was crossing the line with verbal abuse towards fighters during a match became belligerent when asked to leave the building, and he ultimately was maced and forced to leave.

Here are some early results until the official results are released later.

  • Flavio Almeida beats Rick Macauley
  • Pablo Popovitch beats Eric Dahlberg on points
  • Lana Stefanac beats Yoko Takahashi
  • Jeff Glover beats Jamie Ballard in under one minute by flying triangle
  • Leo Viera beats Sim Go
  • Marcio Pe De Pano Cruz beats Jannie Pietlainen after looking like he was going to tear his elbow from his arm
  • Mark Bocek beats Drew Fickett
  • Kyra Gracie beats Caoimhe McGill after switching from a short armbar to traditional armbar
  • Kurt Pelligrino beats Nelson Monteiros
  • Chris Moriarty beats Haim Gozali by rear naked choke
  • Fabricio Werdum beats Elvis Sinosic by short arm bar
  • Baret Yoshida beats Eddie Sanchez
  • Braulio Estima beats Ricardo Almeida by head arm triangle
  • Damien Maia beats Rafael Lovato Jr.
  • Mike Fowler beats Renzo Gracie by points
  • Romulo Barral beats Chris Moriarty (Moriarty verbally submits due to a previous leg injury?)
  • Andre Galvao beats Mark Bocek by heel hook in a brief match
  • Tarsus Humphries beats David Avellan in a long match, ultimately choking Avellan unconscious
  • Marcelo Garcia taps Kurt Pellegrino by rear naked choke
  • Saulo Ribeiro beats Takefuni Hanai
  • Mike Fowler beats Saulo Ribeiro by toe hold after escaping having Saulo applying what appeared to be a sunk rear naked choke
  • Leo Viera beats Jeff Glover on points after escaping what appeared to be a very deep brabo choke

Demian Maia
Demian Maia

3 Replies to “Quick Results from ADCC 2007 Day One”

  1. I was there. I was an awesome show. The hardest part was watching four mats at one time. Every fight at least had the potential to be AWSOME. While watching a sweep on one mat, you missed a great takedown or sub on another.

    Admittedly, as a member of Team Renzo Gracie, I am somewhat biased but thought that the RGA and Gracie Barra fighters were outstanding. However, I was impressed by all of the fighters. There was a fighter; I don’t have his name (sorry) missing the bottom of both legs. He was a great fighter, lost on points, but certainly an inspiration to all. Competing at the level with both legs is admirable, without is truly amazing.

    Marcelo is a phenom, I wish I had hips that could move like his.

    Caleb, as I can’t be there today, I ask that you post the results of today’s fights as well.



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