Jeff Monson and Marcio Feitosa Among More Last Minute ADCC Changes

In an email blast sent out by Scotty from On The Mat this morning, we learn that both Jeff Monson and Marcio Feitosa will not be among those seen competing this weekend in New Jersey at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Submission Championships in Trenton, New Jersey.

Jeff Monson’s absence was ascribed to an undisclosed injury. No word on whether that will impact his appearance at the Gracie Fighting Championships May 19th in Columbus Ohio, where he is scheduled to take on Wes Sims in the final fight of the night.

Marcio Feitosa has apparently contracted a staph infection. This adds him to the list of fighters and grapplers also affected by MRSA, including but certainly not limited to Cole Escovedo, Forrest Griffin, and others. Staph is treatable (when correctly identified) but life-threatening if not caught in time. Please, readers, please make sure you take precautions at your gym by cleaning the mats frequently, washing your gis after rolling every time, and showering promptly after training.

Feitosa’s replacement was said to be Mike Fowler. Fowler is a very tough competitor who recently moved to Guam, where he is the only black belt in BJJ on the island. We will have to see if the apparent lack of high-end grapplers to help prepare him and the last minute invite affect him negatively.

This is going to be a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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