More Great Grappling Content in iTunes

Wow, things keep getting better this year for BJJ and submission grappling fans. The amount of content out there online for us is really growing all the time. I can already tell that my annual ranking of best BJJ blogs will be tougher this coming December. (For those who didn’t catch last year’s, here’s the Best BJJ Blogs of 2006).

Not only has the written content out there grown recently, things are heating up for audio and video too! Here are a couple of great shows to subscribe to:

  • BJJ Radio (iTunes link), hosted by Bruce Hoyer. Bruce is a great guy and we finally met up at the BJJ Pan-Ams in LA a few weeks ago. Here’s his description of the show:

    After tournament[s] competitors are encouraged to write about the event, send audio or even video. From week to week we will also be doing interviews with some of the event promoters and top competitors and coaches! This site will be a community site and needs the support of great competitors, so if you go to a tournament don’t forget to send us something even if its something small. Our goal is to support the sport and help all events get great exposure.


  • European Fight Network TV (iTunes link)
  • This one comes from another good friend of The FightWorks Podcast Jude Samuel, a London-based black belt under Roger Gracie.

    European Fight Network, Grappling Resource for MMA, submission wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Home of the 10K Ground Clash, Urban Gorillaz Grappling Challenge, Gracie Invitational, and ADCC UK

    Jude’s description doesn’t do it justice, so I’ll add that it is photo and video of grappling and BJJ tournament action from the UK. Those guys in the purple belt division in the Gracie Invitational 2004 footage in their most recent episode posted look like they mean serious business!

    European Fight Network

    Make sure you check out these shows. Support all BJJ and submission grappling content out there!

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