Jeremy "Scorpion" Jackson to Take on BJJ Star Jacare at May GFC Event

The Gracie Fighting Championships card on May 19 is looking like an entertainer for sure. Last weekend the GFC sent out an updated card which announced that Jeremy Jackson, a former contestant on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter will take on Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, which is sure to get BJJ fans excited.

Souza dipped his feet in the MMA waters back in 2004 but hasn’t been very active until last year, when he fought three times. According to Gracie Magazine Jacare has set aside 2007 solely for MMA. So while we won’t see any more great BJJ matches with Jacare at the upcoming BJJ Worlds or ADCCs, he will surely be awesome to watch at the GFCs. Since he is only doing MMA, what would be nice to see is an MMA rematch of his historic encounter with Roger Gracie back at the 2004 BJJ Mundials, where Roger broke Jacare’s arm, yet Jacare did not tap and won when time ran out. But that’s unlikely as Roger is listed at 220 lb and Jacare at 185 lb.

For those interested in seeing what Jeremy Jackson’s been up to, the Ventura County Star came out with a great article yesterday on Jackson and his ups and downs in and out of combat sports.

Ronaldo Jacare Souza

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