#63 Ricky Lundell Interview

Not many Americans can say they began training Brazilian jiu-jitsu at 6 years old. Even fewer become like a son to a Rickson Gracie black belt like Pedro Sauer. When you have that rare combination of fortune, you wind up with someone like Ricky Lundell, the youngest American to ever receive a black belt, and our main feature on this episode of The FightWorks Podcast. In our conversation today the 5’9″, 147 pound black belt tells us what his long but early BJJ career has been like, including the prejudice he’s faced for being such a young instructor and competitor. Ricky also makes an appeal to the ADCC organizers for a last-minute invitation to the 2007 Abu Dhabis in New Jersey May 4th and 5th.

Ricky Lundell against Javi Vasquez
Ricky Lundell against Javi Vasquez in 2006.

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2 Replies to “#63 Ricky Lundell Interview”

  1. thanx for the interview I requested a few months ago, Caleb.Im glad you were able to make it happen. See ya at Fabio’s in July

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