BJJ Pan-Ams Yesterday in Los Angeles; Black Belt Open Divison Notes

I’ll be posting this week’s podcast later tonight (or sooner, if I’m lucky), but here are a couple quick details about yesterday’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu Pan-Ams in Los Angeles…

Romulo Barral won the 2007 Pan-Am black belt open weight category after beating Tarsus Humphries in the final by advantage points. Along the way, Barral beat Rafael Lovato Jr. by collar choke. Barros also beat Frederico Sabbatini by a choke from the mount in a prior match in the open division.

Incidentally, it was Frederico Sabbatini who eliminated Jeff Glover from the open division in a very static match with little action.

Notably missing from the division were Marcelo Garcia, who won the medal earlier in the day for his own weight division, and neither Saulo nor Xande Ribeiro participated either. Like Marcelo Garcia, Saulo Ribeiro won his weight division in the black belt Master’s division. In his first match he opened with a judo throw that got the fans out of their seats as his opponent’s feet were pointing straight towards the ceiling for a moment before Saulo dropped him to the mats and submitted him with an armbar a few moments later.

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