A Clarification on Our Listenership and The Mighty 600,000

As many of “The 600,000” know, we refer to our fan base here on The FightWorks Podcast as, well, “The 600,000”. The name came about way back in one of our earliest episodes, somewhere before Episode 10, when we joked about having 60,000 listeners. A listener wrote to us and called us out on it, and we joked that we were mistaken – we’d left off a zero and it was actually 600,000!

Ever since then we’ve called our listeners “The 600,000”. Of course we were only playing in both cases. I don’t think there are 600,000 people who take part in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the whole planet. I could be wrong. But that is a ton of people.

It came to our attention recently that there may be folks out there who take us literally when we refer to The 600,000 that way, thinking that there really are 600,000 listeners to our show. So, just for the record: we don’t have that many listeners. We have a lot. But not that many. 🙂

8 Replies to “A Clarification on Our Listenership and The Mighty 600,000”

  1. But if new listeners happen to believe it, it’s cool, yeah! 😉
    It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy. One day, there will be 600,000!

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