IFL in Los Angeles Recap; Sabres vs. Condors, Razorclaws vs. Anacondas

Last night in The Forum, four of the International Fight League’s teams squared off. In a night of great action, the Tokyo Sabres took on the Southern California Condors and the San Jose Razorclaws battled the Los Angeles Anacondas.

The Tokyo Sabres defeated the SoCal Condors three to two.

  • Savant Young (Sabres) defeated Adam Lynn (Condors) with a devastating right hand for the knockout 21 seconds into Round 2. Standing and trading against the powerful Young is not recommended.
  • Antonio McKee (Sabres) defeated Rodrigo Ruas (Condors) in a unanimous decision. McKee took Ruas down often, and spent much of the match in Ruas’ closed guard, which lead to a visible degree of punishment on Ruas’ face, especially due to the moments when McKee stuffed Ruas’ right arm behind his back while Ruas maintained closed guard. The judges unanimously scored the bout in favor of McKee. Condors coach Marco Ruas later was vocal in his disagreement with the judges’ decision.
  • Kazuhiru Hamanaka (Sabres) succumbed to a very quick triangle from Jeremy Williams (Condors). Hamanaka slumped to the ground unconscious after release. Williams, a native of Long Beach California, stopped the inertia of the Sabres with this win. He mimicked a condor flying after his win while playing up to his local California audience. Williams was awarded an undisclosed sum for Best Submission and also an XBOX 360 for the Fastest Finish.
  • Vladimir Matyushenko (Sabres) defeated Justin Levens (Condors) by referee stoppage in Round 1 as Levens was unable to defend himself against a barrage of punches from the former national wrestling champion. This was the third win for the Sabres and sealed the matchup against teh Condors for the night.
  • Wayne Cole (Sabres) was defeated by Brazilian Antoine Joaude (Condors) in Round 2. Cole dominated the first round but after Joaude landed four consecutive loud kicks to the inner right leg of Cole, Joaude launched a missle of a right hand right down Broadway into the chin of Cole, knocking him out cold. Both were awarded an undisclosed bonus sum of money for putting on a Fight of the Night.

Williams submitting Hamanaka

Los Angeles Anacondas defeated the San Jose Razorclaws by a score of 5-0.

  • Alex Schoenauer (Anacondas) defeated Brian Ebersole (Razorclaws) in a 2-1 split decision from the referees. For the most part Schoenauer seemed to get the best of Ebersole, including a moment when guillotining Ebersole and Ebersole appeared to much of the audience to have tapped. The referee did not appear to have seen the tap and the match continued unti the decision
  • Benji Radach (Anacondas) defeated Brian Foster (Razorclaws) with a vicious guillotine against the ropes just over a minute into the first round. Foster slumped to the ground, asleep after Radach’s release. Radach was awarded an XBOX 360 for his Submission of the Night.
  • The nineteen year old Chris Horodecki (Anacondas), quickly becoming a gem of the media’s eye, went the distance for three rounds against Josh Odom (Razorclaws), capturing a unanimous 30-27 win.
  • Jay Hieron (Anacondas) made quick work of Donnie Liles (Razorclaws) with a guillotine for the tap in Round 1.
  • Krzysztof Soszynski (Anacondas) defeated the giant Dan Christison (Razorclaws) by unanimous decision 30-27. Both fighters were awarded an undisclosed sum for being a Fight of the Night, and Soszynski won a trip to a Sandals resort for his efforts.

Soszynski punching Christison

As the event was held in a busy area of the country for mixed martial arts, it’s not surprising that many MMA celebrities were on hand for the event. Josh Barnett, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Big John McCarthy, Dan Henderson, Joe Rogan, BJ Penn, and Royce Gracie were all seen in the audience.

In other news, Bas Rutten stepped down as the coach of the LA Anacondas, to be replaced by Canadian Shawn Tompkins. Rutten will be the full time “face of the IFL”. The fight of Maurice Smith, head coach of the Seattle Tigersharks, against Marco Ruas, the coach of the Southern California Condors, was confirmed for the IFL event in Chicago. This matchup was rejected by the California State Athletic Commission, but IFL Commissioner Kurt Otto stated that Chicago has given them the green light for the fight. Lastly, in the “overheard while standing next to Kurt and Evan” category, Evan Shoman, whose mixed martial arts artistry you’ve likely seen, will be doing some work for the International Fight League.

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