The IFL's Growing Presence on Television

Lots of folks are interested in seeing mixed martial arts in places that aren’t pay-per-view and aren’t leftovers found on YouTube. In hopes of catering to those fans, the IFL is trumpeting its growing presence on the television and recently sent out press releases letting folks know that tonight on MyNetworkTV an introduction to their new regular show IFL Battleground will appear. IFL Battleground will be scheduled regularly on Mondays.

The IFL will also maintain its relationship with FSN this year as well. This weekend Don Frye’s Tucson Scorpions’ encounter with the Tokyo Sabres will be shown there. You can check out the entire IFL TV Schedule on their site.

As a fan, it’s good to see more options. Around the house, it’s time to start lobbying for a larger chunk of the DVR’s recording space. Or perhaps it’s wiser to clandestinely delete the older episodes of Oprah and Rachel Ray that hog up the memory. Don’t get reckless though – if you get caught you might end up witnessing some MMA action in your living room in a way you didn’t intend.

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