#55 Online Jiu-Jitsu Forum Review Part 1, Dave Camarillo

This week on the show we begin a limited series of conversations we’ll be having with owners of the more noteworthy BJJ forums out there. We begin with Sam Kim, who owns the NHB Gear Forum. Sam discusses some how the forum came about, its size, and a bit about its character.

We wind the show down with an installment of The Black Belt Corner. Our guest is Dave Camarillo, the author of Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu!

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One Reply to “#55 Online Jiu-Jitsu Forum Review Part 1, Dave Camarillo”

  1. Great idea – I love internet forums, and can definitely credit them with helping my training (so many awesome threads around for beginners, from which I got basic but essential advice like don’t be afraid to tap, go into sparring with a plan, keep a log etc).

    I was wondering if Kim would mention Gene Simco, as that’s the main thread I think of in connection to JJgear, though I guess he sort of did by talking about the ‘fake blackbelt’ question.

    Look forward to seeing an interview with Aesopian or one of the other mods about the Bullshido BJJ subforum! 😀

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