MTV's Wildboyz at Gracie Humaita in iTunes

Royler Gracie Steve-O Chris Pontius
Royler Gracie (center) poses with Chris Pontius (left) and Steve-O (right) of MTV’s Wild Boys.

Okay by now most folks know that once upon a time, the guys from Wildboyz (the offshoot of MTV’s show Jackass) headed down to Rio de Janeiro’s Gracie Humaita academy and, well, did what they always do and goofed around and came close to getting hurt. That incident is available in iTunes now.

Here’s the write-up as it appears in iTunes for the episode, “Brazil”:

Chris and Steve-O get down and dirty in the streets of Brazil, where they visit the Gracie School of Jui-Jitsu and go skateboarding in the city’s infamously low-income flavella district. Out in the Amazon, the two get tangled up with guest star Manny Puig and a gargantuan green anaconda, and then proceed to cross “that line” that everyone has wondered about since season one—entirely by accident, of course.

Okay, so they misspelled the terms “jiu-jitsu” and “favela”, but it’s the thought that counts.

Readers get bonus points for spotting a member of The FightWorks Podcast crew in the photo above when Chris and Steve-O were at the academy!

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